Battle against COVID-19

Under President Xi Jinping's leadership, China has taken unprecedented measures to contain the outbreak of novel coronavirus epidemic, pooling national medical personnel and supplies to the hardest hit regions, building new hospitals, extending the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, postponing the opening dates for schools and businesses, and imposing travel restrictions. When the whole nation stands together, with scientific prevention and cures, and precise policies, this epidemic can surely be overcome.

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Chinese COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results

We are all expecting a COVID-19 vaccine that could possibly end the pandemic that has killed more than 330,000 people. Now the first vaccine candidate from China has finished its phase-1 trial on humans, and the results have been put online for everyone to examine.

China to continue support Myanmar, Bangladesh in fighting COVID-19

China will continue to support Myanmar and Bangladesh to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at its best in terms of medical supplies and teams of medics based on their needs, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday during separate phone calls with Myanmar's President U Win Myint and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

U.S. COVID-19 vaccine revelation debunks Washington's lies

President Donald Trump's latest remark that scientists at the U.S. National Institute of Health began developing a COVID-19 vaccine on January 11 has stunned the world. It means that the genome sequence was shared by China in a timely manner and was concealed from the public by Washington, who vilified China after claiming it had not been transparent in sharing the information.

CPC meeting signals more flexible measures to prevent imported COVID-19 cases

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Thursday chaired a leadership meeting on the effective implementation of regular epidemic prevention and control measures.

WHO's China representative pens reply letter to Wuhan students

On May 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a handwritten letter to middle school students in Wuhan City via its official Weibo account. The four-page, Chinese-language letter was written by Dr. Gauden Galea, the WHO representative in China.

Top academic journals refute coronavirus conspiracies about China

While some Western politicians are busy blaming China for their own failures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic with fabricated information, the world's top academic journals, including Nature, Science and The Lancet, have been crediting China for its contributions to the fight against the coronavirus with solid scientific researches and numbers.

Xi chairs symposium with non-CPC members on COVID-19 response

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Friday presided over a symposium to hear comments and suggestions from non-CPC members on COVID-19 prevention and control.

Xi calls for global synergy against COVID-19

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday urged countries around the world to replace their differences with solidarity, eliminate prejudice with reason, and foster great synergy against the COVID-19 pandemic.

China to join WHO collaboration initiative against COVID-19 pandemic

China has decided to join the international collaboration initiative launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat COVID-19, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.

China fights against novel coronavirus - English special report
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